Kayal’s Lead Character To quit The Serial? Official Statement Released
Kayal’s Lead Character To quit The Serial? Official Statement Released
Kayal is one of the most popular Sun TV serials. The drama and its main protagonists have gained widespread recognition after winning over Tamil Nadu's hearts.

the primetime serial has consistently ranked among the channel's highest TRP serials. Sanjeev's secondary lead role in the serial appears to be leaving the programme right now.

He reportedly opted to leave the show for personal reasons. Sanjeev kept silent even though the report first surfaced months ago. He has finally spoken out though. Sanjeev sent a message on his Instagram page about his departure. When Sanjeev shared it, he asked, "What do you think of this (news)?"

So it appears that the actor is leaving the programme. It was reported earlier in October that Sanjeev had made the decision to leave the programme in order to join his wife Alia Manasa in her recently debuted serial, Iniya. On this latest upgrade, there is still no official word, though. But before we act, let's wait for the actor to make his exit announcement and provide a thorough account of what actually transpired.

Speaking of Kayal, the serial centres on a nurse who loses her father and assumes responsibility for the entire family. The Kayal role is portrayed by Chaitra Reddy. Sanjeev has been portraying the serial's lead male character. After starring alongside Alya Manasa in Vijay Television's Raja Rani, Sanjeev made his television debut. At that point, the pair got married after falling in love with one another.

While on vacation in Dubai, Sanjeev and Alia have been posting a number of romantic pictures on Instagram. Alya recently made waves when she gave Sanjeev a costly trolley bag for the trip.

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