Fans go into meltdown at first image of BTS member Jin serving in the military.
Fans go into meltdown at first image of BTS member Jin serving in the military.
It is commonly known that Jin, nicknamed Kim Seokjin, was the first BTS member to sign up for the required military duty.

His initial military base photograph, which appeared to be taken from his identity card, recently came to light. Recently, Jin's military pictures and films in which he can be seen using the cam have come to light. The eldest BTS member can be seen helping his friends at the camp pick up chairs in the most recent footage. Despite wearing a black mask over his face, he is still immediately recognised.

The supporters went into hysteria as soon as the pictures and video appeared online. "Proud of Jin serving in the Military," a fan remarked, "this shows that the BTS team can accomplish any task." "Jin looks very handsome in a military outfit," one person remarked.

But not all of his supporters were pleased with it. Some people were dissatisfied because fans did not respect Jin's desire for privacy. "Jin actually pleaded for privacy yet you still believe it's alright to devour military propaganda like it's crack," one fan said in a comment. Just a note that I will block anybody who shares or retweets images of Jin in the military: If they aren't from him, I don't want to see them on my timeline.

On December 13, Jin enlisted in the armed forces. BTS members RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook were with him. He will return on June 12, 2024, after serving in the military for 18 months.

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