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10 Types Of Hats Suitable For Summer And How To Style Them

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Summer is all about beaches! The simple fun element like having your favourite ice cream, clicking a picture for Instagram, wearing your favourite hat, dressing up for the vacation just adds up to the mood. When the temperature is on the rise, wearing a headpiece like a hat is a great way to look stylish and protective at the same time. In fact, the summer hat styles are going to be even big this year. Hence, it is your time to get on that trend to stay fashionable. If you are wondering what types of hats are suitable for summer, then here is a list only for you.

10 Types Of Hats Suitable For Summer And How To Style Them

Which Hats Are Good For The Summer?
Want to look cool this summer? Then get yourself summer hats because these are a basic necessity. Apart from keeping you stylish, you stay protected in the heat. There are so many hats in the market that it only gets difficult finding the right one. So, here are some of the best ones that you can wear this summer.

What Types of Hats Suitable For Summer

1. Straw Hats:
Straw hats are a number one favourite and you can’t go wrong with it. These are the must-have hats for the summer since it protects you as well as keep you stylish. You can get a wide-rimmed, small-rimmed, flat-top or with a ribbon for the season. Just stay focused on the hat that works best for you and looks good when you style it with your outfit.

2. Bucket Hat:
Bucket hats are big on-trend and you can wear them with almost any outfit. For a casual look, you can style it with a plain tee paired up with mom jeans and you would still look lit. No doubt about it!

3. Baker Boy:
Guess what baker boy hat is back again! Take out the best outfit and style these from day to night. It is a hat that brings sophistication to the table and if you are wearing it with a turtle neck top paired up with high rise pants and a pair of heels then a baker boy hat is the perfect way to add a chic factor to your outfit.

4. Hat With Veil:
Classic! This is high fashion if you are looking for a hat with a veil to style it with your boujie outfit. Pop out some of your best pieces like a flowy strappy dress, short dress or a long dress from the wardrobe and get yourself a hat with vein for this Summer. It looks and feels so fresh and elegant that you can go to any party and will come out with appreciation. These hats come in various veil styles that you can go for the one that suits you the best. A small veil on the top of your hat looks good with any type of outfit you wear. Get yourself a hat with a more staid side to look different.

5. Cowboy Hats:
Cowboy hats do have their own fun dressing challenge. Just pair this hat up with your regular shorts and tee with shoes and you are ready for the summer. The cowboy-inspired hat adds a layer of protection and keeps you stylish.

6. The Cool Visor Hats:
Visor hat is a vintage style headgear that you can wear to the beach. It might not give you the best protection from the sun but it is a piece to rock at night. You can opt for visor hats with printed jeans and a top. Just relax and feel the air hitting you when you are on a vacation.

7. Fedora Hats:
There is one hat in the hat family that you can’t miss and that is the Fedora Hat. With a completely stylish ribbon design on the brim, this will give you comfort and a different look for the summer. Style it with a pair of pants and a floral shirt to complete the chic look.

8. Cloche Hats:
Cloche hats are different from the typical hat and have a round shape with a tiny brim. This is the type of hat that brings up a sophisticated look. You can style these summer hats with a classic bodycon dress. This one is good for anyone who wears it from day to night. These had a long journey and now are one of the staple items to get from the store.

9. Wide Brim Summer Hats:
This is quite popular for summer and the good part about this hat is that you can even wear it in winter with an overcoat. Wide brim hats look great when paired up with strappy tops and shorts. It is a type of hat that instantly gives you a luxurious feel because of its intricate design all over the hat. Plus, if you want to look bright then you can get a saturated colour on the brim. This is good for any outfit.

10) Beret:
Are berets only for winter? No! Ditch the old style and get yourself a straw-based beret for summer. It is chic, it is classy and what better to style your outfits with something that is spotted by models from around the world. It is perfect for days when you know your hair is a mess, just dress it up with a tee and a pair of culottes and heels. You will look magnificent in a french style beret hat.

Summer Hat Outfit Ideas To Look Out For

Whether you’re taking a sip of a cold drink, going on a road trip or relaxing at the beach, the best way you can style your hat with your outfit is to combine the classic with a trendy piece. For example, you can wear straw hats with an off-shoulder top paired up with jeans, jumpsuits, flowy dresses and boho shirts. Hats can be styled with tee and jeans, dresses, shirt and pants, denim etc. You can wear these hats with smart-casual outfits which can include shirts paired up with culottes, jeans, pants or trousers.

What Types of Hats Suitable For Summer

Tips For Styling Different Types of Hats For The Summer?

The only thing that you should see in your hat is whether it is protecting you from the sun. If it isn’t then make sure you are not staying for a longer duration or skip it for a night time. Next comes the styling part. The hats that are mentioned above goes well with any type of outfit. If you are confident enough to pull off the look, then you can wear a straw hat with a t-shirt dress as well. Just remember to wear something ease free this summer and you are good to go. Stay fashionable and keep on Rocking!

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